Pam King HAEA Scholarship Program

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Pam launched the HAE Scholarship program in 2015, which has helped over 50 HAE patients pursue higher education even while facing enormous health challenges. To honor Pam and her devotion to young HAE patients. The Pam King HAEA Scholarship program awards recipients who demonstrate the characteristics that Pam brought to the HAE community: relentless hard work, resilience, courage, and a passion for giving back.

We invite you to celebrate Pam's legacy by contributing to this worthy cause. Your financial support will fulfill Pam's goal of empowering young patients to break free of the impediments caused by a rare, chronic disease and establish a path for a better future by pursuing a college degree. Scholarships are especially important for young people in our community because families with HAE often face financial challenges caused by the many burdens that result from dealing with HAE.

Join our team, and let's work together to Inspire, Educate and Celebrate our past and future recipients of the Pam King HAEA Scholarship Program. Together we can build a brighter future.

Save The Date: Friday, October 5th, 2018
To recognize your support, donors will be cordially invited to join us for an inspiring evening of tribute and gratitude at our first annual Pam King HAEA Scholarship Reception in Providence, RI on October 5th. The reception will provide donors a chance to hear from the recipients and learn about how the program is helping them to embark on a promising and productive future.

Pam King HAEA Scholarship Program

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